Our Purpose

The purpose of Wicket Gate Bible College is to provide a follow-on education path for those who complete our certificate programs. However it is open to others, therefore if you are interested contact us.

Our Program

Wicket Gate Bible College is an unaccredited program that is intended to be the equivalent of the last two years of a traditional BS in Biblical Theology. This program was developed for our students who complete our Certificate program. At the completion of this course of study we provide a certificate of completion (diploma).

Our Prerequisites

We require the completion of an associate degree, student has completed one of Four Soils Ministry’s certificate programs, or the student has completed a similar program to the Four Soils Ministry’s certificate  program, If you have neither, we recommend the you start with the free  Four Soils Ministry’s certificate program which is the equivalent in the presentation of Biblical and Theological knowledge of a two year associate degree program in Bible Studies.

To Enroll

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