Pauline Theology


The key to Pauline theology is to be found in Paul’s thought regarding Jesus Christ, and is expressed in the apostle’s frequently repeated phrase “in Christ.” Paul’s theology is Christocentric and his religion a life lived in communion with and response to his exalted Lord. This fact must be maintained in the face of all ethical interpretations of religion—whether Jewish, or so-called Christian—which lay emphasis upon laws and principles as final criteria. Paul’s doctrine of man is only a part of his total thought and subservient to his doctrine of Christ, for in Paul’s view, man can be truly understood and life truly authentic only in relation to Jesus Christ.

Paul, while accepting all that the OT teaches about God the Father, proclames that “God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself” (2 Cor 5:19) in context indicates that the focus has shifted for Paul from the first to the second Person of the Trinity. Nor can Paul’s thought be described principally in terms of soteriology, ecclesiology or eschatology (many people’s favorite central concepts to explain early Christian thought). All of these were subjected by the apostle to his overruling and central theme: salvation is salvation “in Christ,” the Church exists as the “Body of Christ” because believers are first of all “in Christ,” and the future holds promise because history has been anchored and reconstituted at a point of time “in Christ.”

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