Semester 1


First Semester

Wicket Gate Bible College BS program is a two year program for those students who have completed the certificate program from Four Soils Ministry or an equivalent two year Bible school or have an associate or higher college degree.The five courses in the right column make up our first Semester courses.Wicket Gate Bible College and parent ministry Four Soils is non-denominational and our goal is to providing a positive educational experience for our students while using freely available resources.

Inquiry Based Learning

Wicket Gate Bible College has moved to a “Inquiry Based Learning” technique for all of our courses. Inquiry Based Learning is about ensuring that, as far as is possible, students acquire their knowledge by means of a process of active learning. The learning is self-directed because it is driven by students’ own decisions about appropriate ways in which an gain understanding about the topic/assignment. The students carry out research and investigations into areas that they decide are essential for a proper response to the assignment.

All of Wicket Gate Bible College courses are essay courses that require independent study and a term paper/essay. Please read at least ten sources (hopefully many more). Make sure you credit the resources in your term paper. The paper must be at least ten pages in length, but no more than twenty.

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Semester 1

•1) Biblical Theology
•2) Biblical Typology
•3) Covenant Theology
•4) Dispensatinal Theology
•5) Systematic Theology

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