Biblical Homiletics


The term homiletics comes from the word homily, which basically means “a sermon.” Homiletics is the art of preparing sermons and preaching. Those who study homiletics seek to improve their skill at communicating the gospel and other biblical topics. Homiletics is great way of analyzing a scripture passage in preparation for teaching. Through outlining it’s contents, you will be able to apply any scripture to your everyday life! Below is a summary list of a 6 step approach.

1. CONTENT/Worksheet : What is the passage about? What are key words or phrases that are repeated? What are specific events that occur? Who are the main characters, what is happening, when is this occurring, where is this taking place, why is this event present?

2. DIVISIONS: Look at your worksheet and group the verses together into several main thoughts. Each thought becomes a division. Using your main thoughts, write down the verses in your divisions next to a complete sentence.

3. SUBJECT SENTANCE: Using your division sentences, combine the central thoughts into a subject sentence of 10 words or less

4. AIM. This is where you state what you want your audience to learn from the scripture passage. It should be short and definite. , “What action should I take in response to this passage of Scripture?

5. APPLICATION: Try to think of a specific, real-life application for each division. Make sure your questions are OPEN-ENDED…get the audience thinking!

6. PRINCIPLES: Principles are nothing more than a truth about who God is, a truth about who man is, or a truth about God’s relationship to man.

Course Assignment:

All of Wicket Gate Bible College courses are essay courses that require independent study and a term paper/essay. Please read at least ten resources on this topic and then write a ten page essay discussing a summary of your resources and your personal opinion on the subject