Everlasting Covenant


The covenant is a unifying structure (Biblical Theme) that allows humans to evaluate their lives in relationship to God’s requirements. At first, the signs of God’s covenant are physical and external. God establishes a covenant relationship with all mankind through Adam and Noah. Starting with Abraham God starts to reveal the narrowing of God’s plan to a nation, a family, and finally a specific person. God relates to Abraham by commanding Abraham to perform the physical rite of circumcision (a shadow of a spiritual circumcision to come) and to kill his son, Isaac (a shadow of Christ). In Exodus, God shows his commitment to the Israelites by miraculously separating the waters of the Red Sea and appearing in a pillar of fire. The religious laws are also symbols of the covenant. They represent customs and behavioral rules that unite the lives of the Israelites in a religious community devoted to God. God’s revelation of the covenant through Moses suggests that these laws are to become sacred words that the Israelites cherish in their hearts and minds (Deuteronomy 11:18). The covenant thus shapes the personal memories and the collective identity of the Israelites.

Back in Genesis we saw the promise of a descendant of Judah would fulfill the covenant and with David we narrow it to one of His decedents. As we study God’s covenant revelations we will find that He refers to His covenant as an everlasting covenant when He reveals it to Noah, Abraham, Moses and David.

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