Sermons on the Sea

In Mat 13:1-23 Jesus entered into a boat on the Sea of Galilee that he might be better heard by the people. By this he teaches us in the outward circumstances of worship not to covet that which is stately, but to make the best of the conveniences God in his providence allots to us. Christ taught in parables. Thereby the things of God were made more plain and easy to those willing to be taught, and at the same time more difficult and obscure to those who were willingly ignorant. The parable of the sower is plain. The seed sown is the word of God. The sower is our Lord Jesus Christ, by himself, or by his ministers.

Most of the students in this study are graduates of the certificate program from “Four Soils Ministry”. The parable of “the sower” in chapter 13 of Matthew is were the name of the ministry was planted and we desire that you and us be good soil and produce a hundred fold!

The tile of this assignments is the “Sermons on the Sea”, plural. ┬áJust as the “Sermon on the Mount” are a group of individual thoughts/parables grouped and have individual teaching, but also part of an over riding message. ┬áSame is true of all the parables Jesus tells that day on the Sea of Galilee.

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Parables Mathew 13



Course Assignment:

All of Wicket Gate Bible College courses are essay courses that require independent study and a term paper/essay. Please read at least ten resources on this topic and then write a ten page essay discussing a summary of your resources and your personal opinion on the subject.