To Enroll


To Enroll

Wicket Gate Bible College is a free ministry of Four Soils Ministry and was founded for the purpose of offering a FREE Bible Studies/Theology program to expose students to a similar curriculum that one would find in a traditional Bible college. The course is intended as a follow-on to our students who have finished our Certificate programs.

We believe that our certificate graduates have the equivalent Bible & Theology understanding as a typical graduate of a Bible College with an associate (2 year) degree. Therefore our Wicket gate course is designed to be equivalent to the last two years of a degree program.

Our program is not accredited and is for knowledge and encouragement only!

To enroll:

1) Send and email to:

and then complete the Biblical Theology course from the Semester 1 list from the menu above.

2) Fill out the “Contact Us” form menu above and then submit the Biblical Theology term paper from the Semester 1 list from the menu above TO: